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Chandra Kumala School (CKS) has been in operation for 15 years. We specialise in Education and support and are only thirty minutes from the centre of Medan, and situated in a green campus of almost 5 hectares.
CKS has a playgroup, kindergarten, primary, and secondary school we can cater for students from 18 months up until 18 years.

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We are an inclusive school that promotes team-work. Class sizes are restricted to a maximum of 24 students per class. Building on individuals strengths and weaknesses we help discover and harness potential and life goals. Recognizing the innate gifts in all our students, we provide individuals with a curriculum tailored to challenge and develop their intellectual, emotional and social intelligence.


Our 'freedom of belief' religious education programme helps all students to learn about their own faith, while respecting the beliefs of others. We encourage students to act on their beliefs, which is why our Kindness Program is an integral part of our curriculum where students and teachers learn and live by the principles of kindness to all.

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