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At Chandra Kumala School, we strive to deepen children’s commitment to pro-social values such as kindness, helpfulness, personal responsibility, self-respect and respect for others. They will blossom in the midst of adversity whilst keeping a sense of justice, integrity, honesty and strength in faith. Students will be inspired and be inspiration to others around them.

Students will learn that success is not about the absence of failures but the attainment of the ultimate objectives. We provide a learning environment that encourage experiments and help them feel comfortable in making mistakes and learn from them. They will understand that character is just as important, if not more, than intelligence in their journey of life. They will learn skills for life, not just for getting their leaving school certificates.

We rely heavily on our excellent teaching staff in our effort to provide the best start in our student’s career. The staff is provided with seminar and workshops to always improve their weekly English training with native speaker to continuously improving their English ability, verbally and in writing.

We strive to provide the best possible resources to facilitate their learning. We are currently planning and constructing new buildings to house our growing populations. The school understands that a lot of hard work and effort will be needed to fulfill our vision of providing the best quality education for our communities. We already started the work by incorporating international standard of education in our teaching, such as:

1. Maximum of 24 students in a class.

This student-teacher ration enables our teachers to gain much deeper understanding of their charges and provide suitable learning methods for the group/individual.

2. Instead of teaching them to pass the required exams, they are taught the skills to pass the examinations.

3. Students are taught transferable skills, such as PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), presentation and analytical ability.

4. Incorporating English into their everyday schooling, making English their second language after Indonesian at school.

5. Teachers facilitate and encourage independent and group learning.

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